Pirelli, the producer of world-championship-winning tires and world-class calendars, has announced that its latest innovation aims to quiet things down a bit. The Italian tire manufacturer has created a tire that it says reduces cabin noise by up to 50 percent compared to standard tires.

These units are equipped with technology dubbed the Pirelli Noise Canceling System, and it appears they're making their debut on a pair of high-performance Audi models.

Coming as an optional extra to the Audi RS 6 and RS 7, these Pirelli tires are fitted with a layer of polyurethane that has been adhered to the inner portion of the rubber. This sponge-like set piece soaks up noise that typically arrives in the form of compressed air making itself heard. By cutting down on the noise at the source, it eliminates what can be transmitted further along through the steering column and into the cabin space.

The tires produced for the RS 6 and RS 7 are rather large, as you might expect. The 275 and 285 series tires are set to ride on 21-inch wheels.

There's nothing that immediately calls them out as being the special units, but a closer look at the sidewall reveals the letters PNCS. There's been no word yet on the cost to buy the tires, or what other sizes might soon be offered up. Additionally, we haven't heard where else these tires will pop up next. Regardless, we're eager to try them out for ourselves to see how much difference a layer of polyurethane can make.


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