We’ve heard a lot about the autonomous car technology coming from the major automakers, but they aren’t alone in developing it. Major automotive suppliers are also responsible for much of the technology, including development of many of the components that make autonomous cars a reality.

We’ve already seen what Germany’s Bosch and Continental have achieved, but now America’s TRW has given an update on its progress.

TRW, based in Livonia, Michigan, but with research facilities all over the globe, will show during September’s 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show how its current technologies are laying the foundation for self-driving cars.

Among the full suite of technologies to be displayed are driver assist systems including TRW's next generation video camera and radar monitoring systems, electronic control and logic systems, and the actual actuators that for example apply the brakes or control the steering.

TRW hasn’t mentioned what automakers it’s partnered with but much of its autonomous car technology is expected to appear in new cars within the next year or two. As we’ve seen with rival firms, TRW will gradually launch its technologies. The company has a roadmap to support the move towards self-driving cars: from warning, through assist and right up to auto-pilot style driving, with the driver in the loop and the systems able to take control of the vehicle in certain conditions.


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