A new documentary titled "The Entrepreneur" has been released and tells the story of auto industry veteran Malcolm Bricklin and his ill-fated attempts to start a car company.

Ordinarily we’d skip boring you with news on a video about Malcolm Bricklin, but this one has been produced by Bricklin’s own son, Jonathan Bricklin, who has spent more than five years on it.

The documentary focuses on Bricklin’s most recent endeavor, Visionary Vehicles, which spent much of 2006 wooing China’s Chery Auto for the rights to distribute the company’s cars in the United States, though ultimately failed because of stringent safety standards here.

Bricklin, of course, is famous for introducing new brands to the U.S., having brought Subarus to the country back in the 1960s and Yugos in the 1980s. He also had his own sports car, the Bricklin SV-1, though production only lasted two years.

The new documentary is currently available on Cable VOD, Hulu, iTunes and SnagFilms.