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  • Malcolm Bricklin

    Malcolm Bricklin is almost 80, but he’s still full of ideas it seems. His latest concept is selling art using an inventory system much like that of a car dealer network. Bricklin, the man who brought Subarus and Yugos to the nation, revealed his plans during a recent interview with Automotive News (subscription required). The goal is to turn luxury car dealers into partners for a national art gallery network. There's a car tie-in, of course. Bricklin's asking for an investment of $2 million per dealer and needs about 100 dealers to sign up for the plan to be successful. For for the $2...

  • Malcolm Bricklin
    Malcolm Bricklin documentary released by entrepreneur’s son

    A new documentary titled "The Entrepreneur" has been released and tells the story of auto industry veteran Malcolm Bricklin and his ill-fated attempts to start a car company. Ordinarily we’d skip boring you with news on a video about Malcolm Bricklin, but this one has been produced by...

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