Cars and watches go (ahem) hand in hand. Watchmakers have been teaming up with automotive brands to produce a wide range of timepieces. Some are affordable, while others require you to actually enter, race, and win some of the most grueling motorsports competitions on the planet. One well-known car guy is jumping into the fray and launching his own line of luxury watches.

That man is Bob Lutz, and his timepiece is called the VLP Date Wheel. That's right, Mr. Viper himself is ready for you to rock his signature on your soon-to-be-fancy wrist.

Bob Lutz has teamed up with Gilbert Villareal to bring this watch concept to life. The two are also working together on transforming the Fisker Karma into the VL Destino. Per the VLP watch website, the exclusive timepiece is set apart by the fact that it comes with a date wheel on the bezel. This means folks can keep track of the year long calendar ahead of them.

Of course, you can do this a bit more easily with a smartphone, but where's the fun in that? In fact, the watch touts that the date wheel is good for keeping track of all sorts of important events including maternity due dates. That last word was pluralized by them mind you. So if you're a busy baby daddy with at least $2,000 to burn, this might just be your watch.

There will be a variety of styles offered, and they all bear Mr. Lutz's signature. We expect the production run, just like the one of the Destino, to be on the low side. Additionally, if you buy one of each the watchmakers will match the serial numbers to the one on the car.


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