Top Gear and Honda have teamed up to tackle a motorsports speed record. No, it's not a car-based record. Nor is it a truck, van, or even a motorcycle. Instead, we're dealing with the type of vehicle that's normally relegated to slow speeds... and trimming the grass. That's right, it's a lawnmower. Since we're talking about Top Gear though, you can expect this to be one that's been modified for a bit more speed and power.

The current lawnmower speed record is 96.5 miles per hour and it's held by a fuel additive company called Gold Eagle. Honda and Top Gear are aiming quite a bit higher with a goal speed of 130 miles per hour. To hit that target, the mower has been extensively modified. Its engine has been swapped out for the unit from one of the manufacturers motorcycles, and the tires appear to have been snagged from one of its ATVs.

This mega mower also still needs to be able to cut grass. In order to accomplish that, the team had to attach brake cables to the underside to act as the blades since the original cutting equipment would no longer bolt up. How fast will it take to cut the lawn once this thing rolls out of the work shed? Well, early estimates peg the acceleration figure at 0-60 miles per hour in around four seconds.

We can only stand back and salute the good people at Honda and Top Gear for going down this delightfully crazy road. Here's to breaking records.


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