Taking an existing machine, adding some coachbuilt bodywork, and making it an exclusive model is not a new practice. In fact, it's a very old one and it seems many an Italian design house have loved churning out rare exotica for decades. The practice continues today and it typically involves makes and models that are already a bit exclusive before the extra excess is tacked on.

There are exceptions, as we saw with the reborn Syrena Sport that was crafted from a Nissan 370Z.

Now another designer is stepping up, and this time the subject being molded has a Porsche Cayman S underneath. The company creating the machine seen above is called Studiotorino. The car is called the Moncenisio, and having a Cayman S under its skin is a great place to start its life. Per Autoblog.IT, the design firm will create a limited run of just 20 cars, with the first car to be a concept version that should make its debut in October.

The Moncenisio, or Mont Cenis, has been designed by Daniel Gaglione and is being produced by Alfredo Stola. Its name draws inspiration from the Mount Cenis Pass that lies at the border of Piedmontese Italy and France, and also is reported to have played a role in the first hillclimb event in the world back in 1902.

Every car will be wearing the beautiful blue paint shown in the rendering. This is another nod to the area, as the blue paint is meant to signify the crisp reflections found in the alpine lakes.


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