Nearly every automaker has a place it calls home with regards to testing its vehicles. These are called proving grounds or test centers, and they are scattered all across the globe. Hyundai is clearly looking to push the driving dynamics of its own vehicles a bit further because the Korean automaker is nearly ready to open the doors to its newest test center. Where is this one located? Why at the famed Nürburgring in Germany.

Nicknamed The Green Hell, the Nürburgring (or 'Ring) is a public road that runs through a forest-lined portion of Southeastern Germany. The road, depending on which sections you run, can go for between 13 and 15 miles and features a seemingly endless array of twists, turns, elevation changes, and changing road surfaces. It's a place where drivers go to push themselves and their machines to the limit, and it's where Hyundai will be doing just that.

The new test center will be used by Hyundai of Europe as a research and development facility. This will be an extension of the existing R&D facility in Rüsselsheim, Germany, which was established in 2003. Hyundai states that the 'Ring center will be completed in August of 2013. The center will boast nearly 40,000 square feet of space spread over four floors, and it will include workshop areas, office spaces, and a VIP hospitality center.

Since one of our only gripes with the current Hyundai product lineup is handling and steering feel, we hope the 'Ring will change all of that. Also, if there's a Green Hell Edition of the Genesis Coupe coming down the pipe, we may need to visit the VIP Hospitality center to test it to its fullest.


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