According to a report from CarBuzz, Aston Martin is saying vaya con Dios to the V12 Vantage. This seems like very sad news, as the twelve-cylinder twitch machine remains ones of the most exciting vehicles in the AM lineup in... well, forever. It's a brutish beast that combines tons of power, a V12 engine note, a manual gearbox, and rear-wheel drive. This is the ultimate recipe for high-level hooning.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that we'd be rather upset if it does wind up disappearing after just four short years. To confirm this, we reached out to PR and Brand Communication Manager Matthew Clarke. His response? "The current generation is indeed now done".

Read between the lines people. That is PR speak for stay tuned because the next generation must be around the bend. This makes us happy because, if the new Vanquish is any indication, we should be in for something even more special.

We know that Aston Martin needs someone to step in and provide a bit of a cash infusion to smooth things out, but the cars are finally there in terms of quality and a V12 Vantage built with this improved internal tech will be a truly wonderful machine.