The latest version of VW's turbocharged 2.0-liter four makes its way into the Beetle and Jetta lineups midway through the 2013 model year. Volkswagen says for cars on sale this month, the running changes to those models will include its new TSI engine, the one it's building at a new factory in Silao, Mexico.

The new powerplant is an upgrade over the existing 2.0-liter four in a few ways. Torque is flat against the last version, at 207 pound-feet, but horsepower is up to 210 hp (up by 10), and the power peak stretches 200 rpm higher, to 5300 rpm. In the Beetle Turbo, the new engine drops 0-60 mph times by a couple of tenths, to 6.6 seconds, according to VW's stopwatch; in the Jetta GLI, it's a tenth faster on manual-equipped models and 0.2 seconds quicker with the DSG.

Volkswagen also says gas mileage should increase up about 4 to 8 percent on the EPA city cycle as a side benefit of reduced engine weight, integrated exhaust headers, less rolling friction and better counterbalancing.

Separately, pricing has been released on the VW Beetle Turbo R-Line, which replaces the top trim of the Beetle Turbo. It's fitted with the new engine, new front and rear fascias, new 19-inch wheels, LED daytime running lights, and R-Line badging. Prices start at $30,135; it's on sale later this month.


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