Volvo is in a race to renew its aging lineup and will soon launch the first of its next-generation models, a redesigned XC90 SUV that’s due at the end of 2014.

This redesigned XC90 will be the first to be based on a modular platform developed by Volvo: the Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA).

SPA will eventually spawn replacements for all of Volvo’s lineup from the S60 sedan up.

At the same time, Volvo is working with its parent company Geely to develop a new small car platform that will be used for everything smaller than the S60.

According to a report from CAR, these two platforms will also see some brand new additions join Volvo’s lineup over the coming years.

At the entry-level, Volvo’s small car platform is said to spawn a compact hatchback targeting the likes of the Volkswagen Golf and labeled a ‘C40’. It will be smaller than the current V40, which is positioned as a premium five-door wagon. The V40 is based on an aging platform developed during Volvo’s Ford days and which is due to finally be retired at the end of the V40’s life.

The C40 Golf rival should arrive around 2016 and should also have its own ‘XC40’ crossover variant. The XC40 is said to be a proper crossover and not just a jacked-up wagon like the V40 Cross Country. This model will target the likes of the Buick Encore and a new compact crossover coming from Lexus.

Moving up the ladder, we arrive at the smallest SPA-based model, the next-generation S60 sedan, which is tipped to arrive in 2017. It will once again spawn an XC60 crossover, which is likely to arrive a year later.

It’s not clear if there will be another generation of the V60 wagon, though a new ‘C60’ coupe targeting the BMW 4-Series is said to be planned for 2016.

Above this will sit an ‘S90’ premium sedan. This will be the successor to the current S80 and will target vehicles such as BMW’s 5-Series. It will reportedly have a wagon variant, a new ‘V90,’ which will replace the current V70 and compete against vehicles such as the Audi A6 Avant.

Importantly, Volvo’s entire lineup will feature engines with no more than four-cylinders. For additional performance, the automaker is turning to turbocharging and hybrid technology.

Volvo fans certainly have a lot to look forward to, and the party looks set to start before next year is out.