Aston Martin’s celebratory events for its centenary this year show no signs of slowing, with the automaker today announcing a tour of Europe that will include both the oldest and the newest Aston Martins in existence.

Unfortunately, the tour takes place entirely in Europe, but at least there are plenty of destinations where you have the chance to see some of your favorite classics.

The oldest model that will take part in the tour is the A3 from 1921. It is one of three prototypes created by Aston Martin after the First World War and is now part of Aston Martin’s heritage collection.

Other highlights of the tour will be an original DB5 from 1963 and a brand new Vanquish from this year.

The cars will tour Europe, calling in at 19 Aston Martin dealerships in eight countries, and will be exhibited in showrooms and take part in exclusive customer events.

The tour kicks off today in Cologne, Germany, and visits the following locations over the next seven weeks:

- 25th April Luxembourg
- 26th April Hilversum (The Netherlands)
- 30th April Bremen (Germany)
- 3rd May Dresden (Germany)
- 6th May Vienna (Austria)
- 7th May Salzburg (Austria)
- 8th May Munich (Germany)
- 13th May Memmingen (Germany)
- 16th May Milan (Italy)
- 17th May Cadenazzo (Switzerland)
- 19th May – 21st May Nürburging 24 Hours (Germany)
- 23 May Stuttgart (Germany)
- 24th May Düsseldorf (Germany)
- 29th May Kronberg (Germany)
- 1st June Safenwil (Switzerland)
- 6th June Monaco
- 11th June Lyon (France)
- 12th June Bordeaux (France)
- 13th June Paris (France)