The 2014 Audi R8 lineup is significantly improved—with the German brand's mid-engine flagship sports car getting various updates to appearance, performance, and features.

And that's before considering what might be the most substantial change—a new seven-speed S tronic transmission that can shorten the V10 model's 0-60 mph time by 0.3 seconds.

It's not surprising that prices edge up a bit for the lineup. The base R8 V8 Coupe, in manual form, starts at $116,150, including the $1,250 destination fee; R8 V10 Coupes start at $152,450. Meanwhile R8 Spyder models start at $129,650 for the V8, or $163,450 for the V10. A $3,000 gas guzzler tax also applies to the lineup.

Want the S tronic automatic instead? That'll cost you $9,100 more, across the model line.

But it's worth that, if you read our First Drive of the 2014 R8 from late last year. “In manual mode it simply does what you want it to, holding gears or producing perfect rev-matched downshifts on demand,” said senior editor Nelson Ireson, who got some time with the new model on the road and on the track. “It's everything the balky R Tronic automatic before it was not.”

In R8 V10 Plus form, costing $171,795, weight is reduced by 130 pounds due to ceramic brakes, manual Alcantara seats, reduced engine-bay insulation, a smaller fuel tank, and carbon fiber side blades, front splitter, rear diffuser, and spoiler, spoiler, that means a 0-60 mph time of just 3.3 seconds, with a top speed of 196 mph. And while the engine lineup remains the same, in the base 430-hp R8 V8 form, the new S tronic transmission permits a 0-60 mph blast of 4.3 seconds.

Other improvements, Audi notes, include diamond-stitch leather seats and a new flat-bottom steering wheel. And in V10 models, look for high-end goodies like Bang & Olufsen audio and 'navigation plus' as standard. As well, you should see this post for more on the many cosmetic improvements for the 2014 R8.

The 2014 Audi R8 lineup goes on sale now.