It's tax day, so what better day to start daydreaming of ways to spend that fat refund check than speccing out your very own 2014 Chevy Corvette? That's now possible, thanks to the detailed order guide released today.

The order guide is a dealer-side document with package codes, detailed descriptions of options and packages--much more informative for the serious shopper than the typical 10,000-foot view provided by online configurators.

Of course, there's no full-featured Corvette configurator online yet. Chevy is still, understandably, selling off its remaining stock of 2013 models. You can visualize the color of your new Stingray, though.

The order guide reveals the base Stingray Coupe and optional Z51 performance package are available for order, but the Convertible isn't included in the document, due to its later launch date. Three trim lines, and a wide range of optional extras, including appearance packages with carbon fiber elements, a range of wheels, and much more.  

Head over to Kerbeck Corvette for the PDF download link to see all of the details for yourself--but you'll have to wait a little while for the order books to open. The Stingray isn't due in dealerships until late summer or early fall anyway.