While Lincoln hasn’t had a commanding position in any of the luxury segments for quite a few years now, there was one area where it dominated, and that was in the livery market.

Lincoln’s Town Car, which was also available as a stretch limousine, was one of the most popular choices in the livery market for years until its demise in 2011.

For whatever reason, Lincoln decided that its MKT crossover would be a suitable successor and in 2011 we got the Lincoln MKT Town Car.

The rivals saw this as opportunity to dethrone Lincoln as the brand of choice for livery buyers, and sure enough Cadillac emerged with a range of new livery models based on its XTS and even Toyota rolled out a livery version of its latest Avalon.

Lincoln is looking to rectify its error of assuming livery buyers would suddenly want crossovers instead of sedans, and is now offering a livery version of its MKS.

It will be available later this year, with either front-wheel or all-wheel drive, and be priced from $43,865. Lincoln will continue to offer its usual four-year/150,000-mile extended service plan on the vehicles and says owners will be able to extend the wheelbase by up to six inches through QVM-certified manufacturers.

With the addition of the MKS, Lincoln’s livery range now consists of three vehicles, with the third being the Navigator SUV.