Mercedes-Benz is working on a stretched version of its latest-generation S-Class that is expected to debut at the end of the year and revive the Maybach name as a new trim level. However, this won’t be the most upmarket version of the S-Class as Mercedes is also working on an extra-long Pullman model that is expected to be the most expensive sedan in the world when it is finally launched.

The most expensive title currently belongs to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which starts at just above $400k. According to Bloomberg, the new S-Class Pullman will cost as much as double that figure, rising to about $1 million when ordered with armor plating.

But the S-Class Pullman won’t be an ordinary sedan. It is expected to be a stately limousine aimed at presidents, world dignitaries and ultra-wealthy individuals, and like Pullman models of the past it will come with a three-box passenger compartment design. The extra length will allow Mercedes to offer rear-facing seats in the middle.

There’s no mention of when we might see the new S-Class Pullman, but prototypes for the vehicle were recently spotted. This suggests a debut could take place in the next 12 to 18 months.


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