Ferrari likes to keep its fans happy. Mostly that involves simply being Ferrari, producing and racing cars and selling all manner of merchandise, but occasionally it means releasing a special video when the company's Facebook page hits a certain number of fans.

After a video of the 458 Italia at eight million and another, amusing F1-themed offering at 10 million, Ferrari's latest vid celebrates the 15 million milestone. It puts you in the passenger seat of a LaFerrari as it's driven around the company's Fiorano test track, with test driver Raffaele de Simone, and the entire thing was filmed using Google Glass.

It's predictably crazy and helps cement LaFerrari's reputation as one of the most exciting of the latest breed of supercars—and de Simone certainly appears to be enjoying himself. It's hard to believe there are rumors of a track-only FXX version with over a thousand horsepower—in a rear-drive car, remember—but if people keep clicking that Facebook 'Like' button, perhaps we'll see a video of that one too...


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