Bugatti has recognized its top salesperson, 39-year-old Anita Krizsan, who previously worked at the Jack Barclay dealership in London and has since moved to another dealership in mainland Europe.

The manufacturer of the Veyron supercar has listed her as the “global benchmark” in sales.

Krizsan, originally from Hungary, first moved to the United Kingdom to start a job at Honda, but today she is selling Veyron supercars at four times the rate of most other Bugatti specialists.

She managed to sell 11 Veyrons last year, including the one-off Veyron L’Or Blanc and record-breaking Veyron Super Sport.

Those 11 cars sold for a total 13 million British pounds (approximately $20.2 million), with most of the buyers coming from the Middle East and Russia.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Krizsan said that being a woman in a traditionally man's world had not been a problem, explaining that her knowledge of the vehicles helped break down barriers.

She also said that she sometimes worked 24 hours a day, often traveling to other countries to meet clients when handing over the keys. She even regularly attends automotive events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed to meet potential clients.

As for a description of the typical Bugatti buyer, Krizsan explained that there wasn’t one. She said they typically fall into one of two groups, collectors and investors, but said she has sold Veyrons to people from age groups as diverse as teens to 70-year-olds--yes, her youngest customer was just 19.

Krizsan now hopes to beat her record in 2013.


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