This video isn't especially special in the realm of drift videos, except for a couple of very important facts: it's shot beautifully, and the entire run appears to be a first take.

Fans of things like Ken Block's Gymkhana are familiar with seemingly space-bending maneuvers with high-horsepower drift cars, but it doesn't take a very sharp eye to see the evidence of rehearsal: tons of rubber already laid along the path of the recorded maneuvers. Here, you won't see that.

What you will see is a very impressive first run through a beautiful, sun-dappled, forested mountain road. How can you tell? The pristine, unmarked pavement beneath Ryan Tuerck's wheels.

Tuerck is a professional Formula D driver, and from what we see here, he's among the very best in the game--whether the judges are around or not. Impressive stuff, Mr. Tuerck.