Toyota previewed the next-generation Corolla compact sedan at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show with the Furia Concept.

While the current Corolla is bland, the Furia Concept kicks it up a notch with some style and flair that Toyota's calling Iconic Dynamism. Whatever it is, let's hope as much of it as possible makes it into the next Corolla.

The swept-back windshield and roofline remind us of Toyota NS4 Hybrid Concept from the 2012 New York Auto Show. Features such as the LED lights, carbon fiber accents, and flared fenders likely won't be heading to production, but the short front and rear overhangs just might.

We like how Toyota pushed the wheels to the corners giving the concept some added visual width, and the 19-inch alloys are tastefully done.

While Toyota didn't mention any powertrain details, we would expect to see the next-generation Corolla powered by a four-cylinder engine. We aren't sure yet if direct-injection technology will make it into the mix, but you can bet it will someday. We also wouldn't rule out a hybrid model featuring Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive.

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