Rolls-Royce has always been a company built around the principle of “give the customer what he wants.” Ordering a Rolls-Royce automobile is a lengthy process, since virtually every detail of color palette (inside and out), trim and content is determined by the buyer.

Those not content to order a Rolls-Royce “off the rack” can participate in the automaker bespoke program, where content is limited largely by budget, imagination and the buyer’s patience.

Perhaps nowhere is this “one size doesn’t fit all” philosophy more obvious than with the choice of Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornaments. The standard adornment is crafted from stainless steel using the lost wax process, but World Car Fans tells us that buyers will soon have three more Spirit of Ecstasy ornaments to choose from.

First is a translucent and illuminated polycarbonate version, as debuted on the electric-powered Rolls-Royce 101EX concept. If this material isn’t exclusive enough for your tastes, the automaker will also offer versions plated in 24-karat gold and cast in sterling silver.

Like the current Spirit of Ecstasy ornament, the new versions will disappear into the radiator shroud when the car is parked to prevent against theft. If none of these selections are exclusive enough for you, we’re sure that Rolls-Royce would be willing to discuss the creation of a one-off Spirit of Ecstasy for your own car - for a price, of course.