Automakers have gone a bit over-the-top in recent years, using stylistic videos to pitch their wares. While BMW’s The Driver series was a hit with fans and critics alike, Aston Martin’s promo for the Rapide, called True Power, was just plain bizarre and off the mark.

To promote its new F-Type roadster, Jaguar is producing a short film called Desire, which tells the story of a car delivery driver, caught in a web of intrigue after encountering a mysterious woman in “the middle of a lawless desert.” Which, we suppose, explains the suitcase full of cash and the nickel-plated Beretta.

The short film will star Emmy-winning actor Damian Lewis as Clark, the delivery driver, Shannyn Sossamon as the mysterious woman in the desert and Jordi Molla as the villain. It’s being produced by Ridley Scott Associates, so we expect it will have some impressive cinematography behind it.

The Jaguar F-Type, on the other hand, needs no introduction. It's the first dedicated sports car produced by the brand in decades, and it promises to deliver a driving experience unlike any other car in the segment. We'll let you know if we agree with Jaguar on that, just as soon as we spend some time behind the wheel.

Shannyn Sossamon and the Jaguar F-Type

Shannyn Sossamon and the Jaguar F-Type

Lewis and Sossamon were on hand for the Jaguar F-Type’s North American debut in Los Angeles, ahead of this week Los Angeles Auto Show. The cast and crew will be headed to the Chilean desert in the coming weeks to begin filming of Desire, and fans can follow the film’s progress on Jaguar’s F-Type Desire website.