You may not know the name Steve McCurry, but one thing is absolutely certain: you’ve seen his photographs, which include the iconic image called “Afghan Girl” that graced the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic magazine.

McCurry is perhaps best known for his photographic work in war zones, which makes him something of an unconventional choice to shoot a calendar typically associated with artistic nudes.

If that’s what you’re expecting from Pirelli in 2013, you’ll likely be disappointed. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a calendar that tells a story yet retains filled with passion, we’d recommend you beg or bribe your way onto Pirelli’s distribution list (which we're still working on ourselves).

Since McCurry opted to shoot the women clothed, the focus is more on their individual stories than on the naked form against an artistic backdrop. That artistic background is still there, and McCurry chose to emphasize the vibrancy of Rio De Janeiro in his images.

We haven’t seen the full set of images, but the few displayed at the bottom of the Pirelli Calendar website are memorable indeed. We’re fans of McCurry’s work, so we think Pirelli made an excellent choice in its selection of photographers for 2013. What’s your take?