The Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, which comes in normally-aspirated, supercharged and (now) twin-turbo variants, is designed with a singular purpose in mind: to get through the quarter-mile as quickly as possible.

The turn-key drag racer, which can be had for as little as $85,490 (for the normally-aspirated version), is built in limited quantities only, making them as valuable as collector cars as they are as race cars. In other words, the first rule is this: thou shalt not stack thine Cobra Jet.

As Mustangs Daily points out, we’ve seen dozens of Cobra Jet videos where everything goes right, but this is the first we’ve seen where it doesn’t. The good news is that the driver of this 2013 Mustang Cobra Jet was uninjured, and the damage looks repairable (but not inexpensive) to us.

We’re not regulars at the drag strip, so we can’t explain exactly what went wrong. As far as we can tell the launch went well enough, though we prefer a little less altitude from our front ends when the tree goes green.

It’s shortly thereafter that things go from bad to worse, as the driver is unable to stick the car’s landing. We’d chalk it up as just another racing accident, and point out that things could have ended on a much worse note. Like the saying goes, speed costs money, so how fast do you want to spend?

Since the video isn’t embeddable, you’ll need to hit YouTube via the link below to view it.

2013 Mustang Cobra Jet Crash