You know you're having a bad day when the only thing you can see through your windshield is sky.

Back in 2010, drag racer Dennis Bailey crashed in spectacular fashion when his twin-turbocharged, 3,000-horsepower Ford Mustang went completely airborne before before coming down on a concrete barrier during a race at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Adel, Georgia.

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Now, YouTube user Urban Hillbilly has released video of the crash, and it's mind boggling. The Mustang's nose shoots straight up in the air as if it's been hooked by a crane. The car hangs in the air just long enough for this bizarre image to register, before falling into the barrier in a cloud of dust and debris.

Although the car was crumpled like a race fan's discarded beer can, Bailey reportedly made it out uninjured.

It's just another reminder that drag racing can be unpredictable and dangerous. While this is probably the most extreme example, it's not the first time getting some air has led to a crash, or some other mechanical failure has necessitated some quick thinking by the driver.


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