The Nordschleife has claimed its fair share of cars in races, in open tourist days, and in vehicle development. Nissan has set about turning the tables, claiming the Green Hell for the GT-R.

For the 2014 model, the emphasis on Nürburgring was even greater, with engineers working to perfect its performance on the famed circuit, citing its wide variety of conditions, corners, and speeds as the epitome of road car testing, equating 1,860 miles of testing at the track with about 248,000 miles of open-road testing.

The result is a GT-R that laps the circuit in just 7 minutes, 18 seconds.

Whether you agree with the 'Ring's primacy in production-car testing relevance or not, you have to respect the dedication with which the engineering team has attacked the challenge.

For the full details on the 2014 Nissan GT-R, check out our preview here, and stay tuned for the car's local debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show later this month.