Last month, we told you that two dormant Italian brands, Ermini and ATS, would soon be back on the market with new products. One of the expected cars from ATS was the Sport 1000, designed as a lightweight road car with serious track potential.

In fact, the ATS Sport 1000 is very similar in concept and design to the Radical SR3; while technically road legal, its open-cockpit, sports-racer design ensures that no sane individual would buy one for commuting purposes. It’s a track car, just one that doesn’t need to be trailered from home.

Now, World Car Fans tells us the ATS Sport 1000 is available for order, in Europe, anyway. With a curb weight of just 400 kilograms (880 pounds), the Sport 1000 doesn’t need a lot of power to be blindingly fast, and buyers can choose from in-line four-cylinder motorcycle engines supplied by Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki.

The transmission (sequential, we presume) sends its power through a Quaife limited slip differential, ensuring that the driver gets all the traction available from the rear wheels at the apex of a corner. Shocks are fully adjustable in all four corners, as are the front and rear sway bars.

The brakes are designed for serious stopping power, utilizing six-piston calipers in all four corners. Grab a foot full of brake, and you’ll be glad that the car comes with a six-point harness for the driver. It’s got a passenger seat, too, though we suspect it will rarely get used.

There’s no word on when or even if the ATS Sport 1000 will cross the Atlantic, but European buyers can snap one up for a starting price of 25,000 euros ($31,885).


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