On Monday Tesla [NASDQ:TSLA] came out with its third-quarter financial results, and while the company reported a loss of $110.8 million, this was almost entirely outweighed by the positives it also had to report about.

One of those positives was news Tesla is planning more variants of its Model S beyond the 40, 60 and 85 kWh models already announced.

During a conference call for Tesla’s third-quarter financial results announcement, company CEO Elon Musk said the following:

“There are a few other variants of the Model S that we'll come out with next year that I think are going to be pretty exciting, in addition to, of course, really getting into the Model X and starting the initial design work of the third-generation mass market vehicle.”

Autoblog Green points out that Musk isn’t simply referring to offering more options on the Model S, as this has previously been confirmed by the Tesla CEO.

Instead, we're likely to see more serious upgrades. Though there’s been speculation that Tesla may launch additional bodystyles, such as a wagon or perhaps even a convertible, it’s more likely the company will launch additional variants of the sedan.

One possibility is an all-wheel drive version, which will use electric motors front and rear to get all four wheels spinning. This is the setup that will be available in the Model X.

Another possibility is a dedicated sports model, which we’ve previously reported on. Tesla is believed to be working on a new suspension setup for the Model S that’s said to offer supercar-like handling. We could also see a distinct bodykit and other performance features.

Stay tuned for an update.