Jay Leno may have 10w40 coursing through his veins, but that doesn’t mean the comedian and car guy is averse to embracing new technologies. Leno’s commuter car is a Chevy Volt, which he bought to save enough gas to drive his Hemi ‘Cuda on the weekend (though we seriously doubt Leno worries much about gas prices).

In fact, Leno has more than one electric car, including a Baker Electric that dates back to 1909. He’s quick to point out their advantages, too, like near-zero maintenance and abundant torque on demand. It was inevitable, then, that he would run a Jay Leno’s Garage segment on the all-electric Tesla Model S sedan.

The Tesla Model S is the first battery-electric car designed to appeal to those who’d never consider buying an electric car. It’s stylish, roomy and practical, and depending upon trim level, can be equipped with enough cells to deliver a 300 mile range, too.

Thanks to the chassis’ unique layout (which incorporates the battery cells to form the floor), the Tesla Model S has a very low center of gravity and arguably the best handling of any electric production sedan built to date. A fully pneumatic suspension helps here, too, masking the car’s 4,600 pound curb weight.

While Tesla claims a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds, word is that sub-4.0 second runs are possible, establishing the Model S as a legitimate sport sedan. It even passes Leno’s burnout test, ensuring driving enthusiasts that “the future of the burnout is safe.” Oddly enough, we’ll sleep better knowing this.

Throw in features like rear-facing child seats (that boost passenger capacity to five adults and two children), a “Frunk” (front trunk), an infotainment screen that occupies the entire front console and a sunroof nearly large enough to count as a convertible, and it’s clear that the Tesla Model S has something to appeal to almost every buyer.