Looking at any given weekend's upcoming F1 Grand Prix is typically a matter of previewing the track, weather conditions, drivers, and the current state of the points race. Here, Pirelli gives us a different look ahead at the Indian Grand Prix: from the tire's point of view.

With the yellow (the second-softest dry compound) and silver (the hardest dry compound) tires on deck for this weekend's racing action in Buddh, India, and 60 laps of the 3.18-mile circuit planned, tire wear and grip will, as always, play a signficant role.

In the video, we see some of the aspects of the track that will affect how the tires last, including hard braking (about 3.6 g), curb cutting, several fast right-left direction changes, and long-duration high-load corners of up to 4 g.

Which team will manage its tires best? Which will have the pace but flounder on worn tires? We'll have to watch this weekend to find out.