Subiesport TV seeking funding

Subiesport TV seeking funding

We're not generally in the business of promoting other media outlets around here. It's not that we're mean-spirited or threatened by such activity; it's just not good business. But for now, we're setting that aside and helping get the word out in the interests of enthusiasts everywhere: Subiesport is back.

Or it could be, very soon, anyway, if it reaches its $32,000 funding goal for a season of broadcast-quality shows. You can pledge anything from $1 to $10,000 and get all kinds of rewards, ranging from a commercial-free episode stream to executive producer credits. That's pretty typical of any Kickstarter project.

What's less typical is the chance to be directly involved in the show--as a feature subject, for the right enthusiast/contributor. Pledge $1,800 and you get a cameo; pledge $2,800 and you'll get a run at DirtFish Rally School plus a starring role in an episode. Pledge $4,000 and you'll get a special feature spot on your Subaru, aimed at making you and your car look as awesome as possible.

But even beyond these immediate returns for contributing to the project, should Subiesport TV come to fruition, all of us that love fast cars, flat fours, and rally action will have another high-quality outlet to get our fix. That's a win.

Right now, though, things aren't looking too great. There are only 21 days remaining in the Kickstarter project, and only $3,141 of the $32,000 goal has been raised.

For the full details, or to make your own contribution to the project, visit the Subiesport TV Kickstarter page.