Aston Martin began producing sports cars in 1913, and since then has become something of an iconic luxury brand, indelibly linked to the world’s best-known fictional spy, James Bond. While Bond's driven many different vehicles throughout 22 films, none is more familiar that the armament-enhanced DB5 used in Goldfinger, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale.

The brand is also strongly linked to motorsports, and its CEO, Dr. Ulrich Bez, is an accomplished racer who competes (as his schedule allows) in Germany’s VLN series. It’s fitting, then, that Bez’s car was chosen to debut a new logo commemorating 100 years of Aston Martin.

As seen on the car’s roof, the logo consists of dots in a spiral pattern, beginning at the winged Aston Martin logo and ending at a red “100,” arranged in a stepped pattern. The logo repeats, in slightly different form, at the rear wheel well of Bez’s Vantage GT4.

Dr. Ulrich Bez's Vantage GT4, showing Aston Martin's centenary logo

Dr. Ulrich Bez's Vantage GT4, showing Aston Martin's centenary logo

Designed by a team led by Aston Martin’s Director of Design, Marek Recihman, the centenary logo will be used throughout 2013 at events marking the automaker’s 100th anniversary. While plans are still being finalized, Aston Martin will host a “Centenary Week and a “Centenary Concours” at its headquarters in Gaydon, England, next year.

Brand aficionados can register at Aston Martin’s centenary web page to be notified of upcoming special events, planned for cities across the globe.


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