This week is proving to be a sad one for supercar lovers. Following news of a crash involving a Ferrari F40 in Canada yesterday, we now have images and a few details about a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 that has crashed in the Czech Republic.

Like the F40 crash, this one appears to be rather serious as well, with most of the car’s rear section appearing badly damaged.

It’s not clear what caused the accident but a likely scenario is the driver losing control on a curve causing the Aventador’s rear to start sliding. A roadside ditch is likely to be the cause of most of the damage you see here.

It’s also not clear who the owner was, though this particular Aventador, with its white wheels, has been featured in a promotional video for Czech exotic car dealership Denker.

Though the damage looks severe, there’s a good chance the car is repairable if its central structure hasn’t been wrecked. You may recall that the central structure of the Aventador is made entirely from carbon fiber and has been designed as a monocoque.

Head over to Czech website Auto Review for more images of the wreckage.

Thanks James for sending in the tip!