Lamborghini's Winter Academy

Lamborghini's Winter Academy

Not even the all-wheel-drive traction of the Aventador LP 700-4 could save one Lamborghini test driver from sliding off an icy track and crashing his expensive supercar into a nearby bank of snow recently.

The crash happened in Northern Europe where Lamborghini has been testing a number of prototypes recently, including one for the highly-anticipated Aventador Roadster.

The video, which you can view in full over at Teamspeed, shows a regular Aventador sliding into the snow after its driver approached a corner with too much speed.

Once his car comes to a stop, the driver jumps out but misplaces his footing and stumbles to the ground.

A second Aventador, plus an Audi A6 Allroad, later come to the stricken Lambo and help pull it out of the snow. Neither the car nor its careless driver was injured from the impact.

This wasn’t the only instance of an Aventador driver losing control of their vehicle and running off course. Just last week an Aventador driver in New Zealand lost control and sent the Raging Bull back to the farm.