The number of working Aston Martin One-77 supercars in existence has now dropped from an original 77 cars to 76 following a crash that took place this past week in Hong Kong.

This sole image, found on Weibo, shows that the wreckage inflicted on the $1.9-million supercar was quite severe, suggesting that significant speed was a factor in the crash.

However, it’s unclear how the crash--believed to be the first for a One-77--happened, or who even was at fault.

The guys at GTSpirit report that this was a single vehicle accident. The driver reportedly hit a curb at high speed, resulting in the damage you see on the car's side.

What is clear is that the vehicle's owner is from Shenzhen, in China’s mainland. The owner only recently took delivery of the car, which will now have to head back to Aston Martin's factory in England so that it can be determined whether it's repairable.

The structural core of the 700-horsepower One-77 is a lightweight and immensely rigid carbon fiber monocoque, which is unique to the car and extremely expensive to produce. If significantly damaged, there’s a chance that the car may be a write-off. Potentially worse, the car was being driven without number plates which has led to speculation that it hasn’t been registered yet or even insured.

With the limited-edition Aston Martin One-77 officially sold out, any chance of ever owning one looks to have become just that little bit harder.