A pedestrian in Taiwan has been caught red-handed faking a car accident thanks to a dashboard video camera located in the car in which he comes into contact with. Video footage shows the culprit running towards the stationary car and then throwing himself onto the hood.

Afterwards, he lays still, presumably in wait of police or medical crew. It’s unclear why the pedestrian chose to fake such an accident in broad daylight, and on what appears to a busy street, though whatever the reason at least the owner of the car can be safe knowing his video footage will help him beat any claims that he was at fault.

Though it’s easy to assume that possible insurance fraud was on the mind of the pedestrian, there have been claims that his actions were in fact due to a lovers’ spat. The sad part is we wonder how many other car owners have suffered because of deranged pedestrians faking accidents for their own personal gain, but getting away with it because of a lack of evidence.

Note, despite the video showing a date in 2010, blogging site Carscoop claims the incident only occurred last week.

Thanks J for sending in the tip!