To be completely honest, we don't really care that Volvo is launching a new line of freight-hauling trucks, or that they're called FH. What we care about is this crazy, awesome woman named Faith Dickey.

An extreme slackliner, highliner, and longliner, Dickey is the world record holder for the longest and highest a woman has ever walked along a rope, clearing (on separate occasions) a 266-foot-long line and a line strung 4,000 feet above the floor of a valley in the Swiss Alps. But to us, her latest stunt is her craziest.

It is also her most awesome: walking along a line pulled tight between to rolling semis, she has to face the wind, the instability of movement, and the inherent difficulty of walking a narrow rope--all before smashing into the tunnel mouths cut into the mountain the whole contraption is barreling toward.

Sure, it's staged, and probably very carefully planned like most other extreme stunts. But that doesn't make it any less impressive in our eyes. Way to go, Ms. Dickey.