We have a new video of yet another crazy scene taking place on a road in Russia. This time it involves a hit and run victim chasing after the perpetrator and exacting his own revenge.

At the start of the clip an old Lada is seen crashing into the side of a red hatchback. The driver of the Lada then takes off, but with the hatchback driver in hot pursuit--and with indicator lights flashing.

After a very dangerous chase, the Lada is seen running off the road and into a nearby ditch, with the original victim, the hatchback driver, then taking off himself. Fortunately, it appears that there were no serious injuries involved.

Considering the number of violent road rage incidents, not to mention stories of more and more people carrying weapons with them, it’s often best to let the police handle such matters. That said, there is a certain level of joy seeing the perpetrator of a hit and run accident being punished for his actions.

Thanks Ray for sending in the tip!