Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II live photos

Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II live photos

We already know Rolls-Royce customers aren’t big on the idea of an all-electric model. Now it seems they’re disinterested in diesels, too.

Speaking with Autocar, an inside source explained that diesels have the perception of being a compromise.

“They wouldn’t entertain the idea,” the source said, referring to the opinions of Rolls-Royce customers.

There’s also the perception, especially among older buyers, that diesel is a ‘dirty’ fuel used to power trucks. Furthermore, diesel engines are still not as refined as their gasoline counterparts, though advances in technology are starting to change that.

Note, it was also compromise that led to Rolls-Royce dropping plans for an all-electric model. After taking a prototype electric Phantom sedan on a world tour earlier this year, and allowing customers to experience it by hopping behind the wheel, Rolls-Royce said it had ruled out building a production version due to poor demand. Though impressed by its near-silent driving and strong acceleration, the lengthy charge times required and the issue of range-anxiety left a sour taste with most who drove it.

It’s not that your average Rolls-Royce customer is anti-environment, but when dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new car, one certainly doesn’t want to be faced with compromises. After all, one of the most notable quotes of Rolls-Royce co-founder Sir Henry Royce was, "Accept nothing nearly right or good enough."