The driver of a Mercedes-Benz CL Class and the occupants of at least four other cars are lucky to be alive following a violent crash that took place recently. Captured on video, a white Mercedes-Benz CL Class is seen speeding into view down the middle of road and eventually crashing into oncoming traffic.

Initially crashing into an oncoming Lexus RX crossover, the CL coupe then bounces off and hits an Audi being driving alongside it. Finally, the CL spins off and hits another car before crashing into a parked car.

Just as the CL is seen moving out of camera view, its driver can be seen crawling out of the cabin.

Though it’s uncertain where the crash occurred, the guys at Carscoop, which first discovered the video, claim the license plate on the CL is a Russian one.  

Thanks John for sending in the tip!