Easily one of the most elegant sedans in the world, the Aston Martin Rapide is near perfect straight from the factory.

However, when you have the means to drop more than $200k on an auto, you’re probably going to want your car to be just that little bit more special than the next one.

That’s where bespoke vehicle tuners like A. Kahn Design come in.

Having worked on premium models from Aston Martin for years, A. Kahn Design has used its expertise to develop a series of modifications for the Rapide that ensure it stands out from the crowd yet remains classy and civilized.

In this early stage of tuning, A. Kahn Design has decided to add mesh elements to the front bumper, as well as aluminum billet bonnet vents, black brake calipers, a sports exhaust system and lowered suspension. Of course, the tuner also added a set of its trademark RSX wheels measuring in at 21 inches and finished in a bright silver.  

Should the customer desire, A. Kahn Design can also install a list of drivetrain upgrades, however, with a V-12 engine up front rated at 470 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque, the Rapide is already well-sorted. After all, the way in which it gathers momentum so smoothly from 3,000-4000 rpm in the higher gears is testimony to the strong, even flow of torque that’s available; rarely does it seem necessary to venture much beyond this point in the rev range, unless at a race track.

Inside is the bespoke touch. A. Kahn Design’s Rapide comes with an Alcantara sports steering wheel and matching instrument binnacle. The Rapide’s familiar mix of soft English leathers and bare-metal switches complements the interior, so have been left intact though customers can request virtually any combination they desire.