Factory-built performance packages are rarely in short supply in the muscle-car world, but rarely do they so perfectly fit the desires of the handling-obsessed rather than those keen on snarlier looks or more ludicrous horsepower. The Camaro 1LE is that rare fit.

The 1LE package, first offered on the 1989 Camaro and shown at last year's SEMA as a concept for the current model, is back for 2013, with improvements to gearing, suspension tune, and tires--all aimed at getting the car around a track faster through grip and handling rather than brute force. That's just our style.

Capable of more than 1 g of lateral acceleration and sub-three-minute laps at Virginia International Raceway's Grand Course, the 2013 Camaro 1LE is well on its way to being our favorite version of the car--aside, perhaps, from the ZL1, with which the 1LE shares its variable-effort power steering, air-to-liquid transmission cooler, and dual-mode exhaust system.

So why does the 1LE focus on these improvements instead of added horsepower or branded stereos? Because it was built to meet SCCA Touring Class guidelines, enhancing the car's performance under strict rules.

For the full specs on the 1LE, check out our preview here.