If you think that Formula One is all about spending obscene amounts of money in the pursuit of speed, you’re correct. In the world of professional sports, however, even the net worth of a successful Formula One team pales in comparison to the net worth of European football (our soccer), American baseball and American football teams.

In its latest ranking, Forbes (via World Car Fans) lists the net value of Ferrari’s Formula One team at $1.1 billion, which puts it in 15th place between the Philadelphia Eagles ($1.16 billion) and the Chicago Bears ($1.09 billion).

To find another F1 team on the list, you need to go down to 40th place, where McLaren ($800 million) slots in between the Atlanta Falcons ($814 million) and the Minnesota Vikings ($796 million). We’d love to tell you what F1 team is the third most valuable, but no other teams make the Forbes list.

Next time that someone says F1 is a sport for elitists, feel free to point out the net worth of Premier League Football’s Manchester United ($2.23 billion), or Real Madrid ($1.88 billion). If you want to stick to American sports teams, none tops baseball’s New York Yankee’s ($1.85 billion) or football’s Dallas Cowboys (also $1.85 billion).

In retrospect, Ferrari’s value makes the 30 million euros ($36.8 million) it pays driver Fernando Alonso seem reasonable, while the 10 million euros ($12.3 million) it pays Felipe Massa seems like a bargain.