Video footage taken by a man traveling north on a highway in Collins, Mississippi, shows a frightening crash involving another man driving down the opposite side of the highway in the wrong direction.
Taken earlier this month, the footage shows a car speeding down the wrong side of the highway for more than a minute before ultimately crashing into an oncoming SUV.

The person responsible for the crash, reports local station WLBT (via Carscoop), was Edward Fairley, who was traveling alone.

The vehicle he hit, a white SUV, was being driven by local resident Amy Cox who was traveling with a young female passenger.  

It’s unclear how Fairley got onto the wrong side of the highway, or why he didn’t pull over onto the grass despite passing dozens of vehicles before crashing, though local police have suggested that it could have been due to driver distraction and shock. 

He is alleged to have said he doesn’t remember what happened. He has since been charged with reckless driving and no proof of insurance, and police are still awaiting the results of toxicology tests.

Fortunately, there were no major injures for any of the persons involved in the crash. Fairley suffered a broken shoulder and some other minor injuries, while Cox and her passenger were able to walk away from the crash.

As Collins police chief Ronnie Dickinson chillingly points out, this is a situation his officers tend to see all the time.

"Unfortunately, we see that all the time. It's not just the state of Mississippi, it's all over," he explained.

Such incidents tend to support the argument for the introduction of autonomous cars, which has been shown to reduce crashes, though better eduction for drivers is also important.