Rapper Curtis Jackson, better know to fans as 50 Cent, was injured Monday night when his armored SUV was rear-ended by a dumpster-hauling truck on the Long Island Expressway. The accident was severe enough to  “almost flip” the vehicle in which Jackson was riding.

Reuters reports that the rapper was transported to a Queens hospital on a backboard with a neck brace as a precaution. Sources say 50 Cent sustained neck and back injuries, but appears to be doing fine post-crash. His driver was also hospitalized following the crash, but has since been released as well.

The driver of the truck blamed the crash on a shifting load, which left him unable to stop in time to avoid 50 Cent’s bulletproof SUV. It’s unclear if the truck driver was cited in the accident, but hitting a famous rap star tends to come with some dire financial repercussions.

As for 50 Cent, who once survived being shot nine times, this probably counts as just another day in the neighborhood. We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.