There's shark jumping, then there's Ken Block, which is something akin to a shark jumping a jumping shark, on fire, doing a powerslide. But hey, it's still fun--and it looks like Gymkhana FIVE is going back to its roots.

Gone is the Hollywood-themed mega-spectacle of FOUR, replaced instead with the "ultimate playground" theme of Gymkhana THREE. And it'll be based in San Francisco.

As Block himself puts it, “I wanted to build on the ultimate playground concept from Gymkhana THREE, and bring the franchise back to that raw and fast feel that the earlier videos had. I’ve always wanted to film a Gymkhana video in a city and there are few places as unique and iconic with such amazing topography as San Francisco. While movies like Bullit and various chase scenes have tried to use San Francisco to the fullest, I’m pretty confident that I’ve proven there was a lot left to be done on those amazing streets!”

The video will premiere on June 29 during Summer X Games 18, but only for VIPs and a handful of media. The publich release of Block hooning his H.F.H.V. through the San Francisco streets will come July 9. Stay tuned.