The last we heard, Tesla was planning to launch several new models after the Model S sedan, including the Model X crossover, a small sports sedan to rival the Fisker Atlantic and BMW 3-Series, and a successor for the company’s original Roadster.

While the Model X is slated to share much in common with the Model S, the small sports sedan and second-generation Roadster were to be based on a brand new, third-generation platform whose development was to be funded by sales of the Model S and Model X.

A new presentation slide from Tesla, first picked up by AutoblogGreen, reveals that the third-generation platform will spawn two new models, though neither of these will be a new Roadster.

The slide shows that Tesla plans to launch a new sedan and crossover after the Model S and Model X.

Importantly, both of these models will be cheaper than the Model S and Model X. As well as being cheaper, we expect the upcoming cars to be smaller too, helping Tesla cater to a wider audience and possibly boost the performance of its cars too.

Sadly, there was no mention of the third-generation platform spawning a new Roadster at the presentation of this slide. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said in the past  he’d prefer to launch a mainstream model (the smaller sedan) earlier than originally planned, which would mean having to push the launch of the Roadster successor farther out. Though we’d love to see Tesla launch another electric sports car capable of keeping up with Ferraris and Porsches, we certainly understand the need to launch higher volume models first.


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