If you don’t follow the world of fashion (and until designers start racing, that includes us), you might not be familiar with the name Didit Hediprasetyo. The Paris-based Indonesian designer has his own line of fashion, and his creations are best known for their lightness and sophistication.

His designs are a hit in Asia, so it’s no surprise that BMW Individual is offering up an Individual 7 Series styled by Hediprasetyo, exclusively for the Asian market. If you want one, it’s best to not delay a visit to your BMW retailer; only five will be built, and the car went on sale in May.

Outside, the custom 7 Series is finished in Frozen Diamond Metallic paint, allegedly inspired by “the image of a lavender sky at sunset.” Inside, the leather interior is executed in Merino Silk Grey with Merino Platinum piping, while Silk Grey is also used for the headliner, rear shelf and A, B and C-pillar trim.

Accenting this, Piano Black lacquer is used to trim the dash, while the floor mats are lined in black ostrich leather. Headrests are adorned with Didit Hediprasetyo’s logo embossed into the leather, and rear-seat passengers get a pair of pillows in platinum-colored ostrich leather for added opulence.

To ensure that rear seat passengers never have to suffer the pains of improperly chilled champagne, a refrigerator box is included, while champagne flutes rest behind the rear center armrest. Should you opt to work instead, the rear tables provide a silk grey leather work surface, while headrest monitors provide access to mobile internet.

Oddly, a “dog basket finished in silk grey leather and Alcantara” is included as part of the package, and we’d advise that you attempt to carry only housebroken pets beyond the chewing years in it.

BMW isn’t even hinting at a price for the bespoke 7 Series, but we’re pretty sure that serious buyers don’t worry about petty details like that.