Today is National Donut Day, and in celebration of this monumental holiday we decided to celebrate the only way we here at Motor Authority know how: by putting together a post of the best five donut videos we could find.

So, grab a drink and a bowl of popcorn (or a cup of coffee and some headphones for those of you who are at work), and enjoy these five very entertaining videos.

5. Who better to show us how a donut is really done than a child? Yes, this four-year old is doing donuts at at a 10th grade level. What can we say? Training wheels FTW.

4. Next on our donut list we have the dude who thinks he is in Need For Speed. Watch as he does donuts around two cop cars. It's almost as if he's playing chicken with the two cops. Cops, donuts, get it? Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.

3. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Well what about school buses? Yes, we found this video of a school bus doing donuts in the snow to be too awesome not to share on this list. The description of this video on YouTube pretty much sums it up: One word. Epic.

2. A list of awesome donuts just wouldn't be complete without the classic AC Cobra doing donuts in a living room video. Yes, this is real. How the car made it into a house is beyond us, but it is totally awesome. Now if only we can figure out a way to get burnt rubber onto the floors of our living room without our significant other getting angry...

1. The number one spot on our list goes to what must be the fastest donut ever. The description of this video on YouTube includes the term lunatic. We aren't sure about all that, but there is most definitely a certain level of awesome brought to the bakery in this video.

And there you have it, the five most awesome donuts on National Donut Day. Do you agree with our list after watching the videos? Do you know of a better donut that should've made the list? Let us know on our Facebook page or shoot us a tweet on Twitter.