We recently ran a post detailing some design processes utilized by the Buick team when penning new models.

Today, another General Motors subsidiary, Holden, is in the spotlight.

On the world stage Holden is usually recognized for just one vehicle, the Commodore, but the Australian arm of the GM empire in recent years has been tasked with the design and engineering of a number of models sold across the globe.

Some of these include the current Chevrolet Camaro muscle car, the Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback, the GM EN-V concept and some Buicks.

In this latest video, ten employees at Holden’s design center were asked to think about what led them to where they are today and how working at Holden has enabled them to fulfill their career ambitions.  Thr clip tells the stories of Holden’s design team and how what they do plays a part both here in Australia and around the globe.

As we recently reported, Holden was granted the opportunity to design two new models for the Chinese market based on GM global platforms, and with a new Chevrolet flagship based on the Holden Commodore expected to launch next year, it looks like the influence of Holden’s design team will be heading this way again in the near future.